“Growing up poor didn’t disqualify me. Being a first-generation student didn’t disqualify me. Being a woman, a single mother, didn’t disqualify me,” I was just like, I have to tell everybody — I have to encourage the next generation, to not let anything get in your way. If I can do it, with all of that, they can do it too.”

Meet Jasmine Bozeman

An award winning community leader, certified motivational speaker, and published author. She has weathered major life challenges including being the first in her family to graduate from college; escaping from a troubled marriage and relocating across the country; being a divorced single mom of three boys; and starting her own business while balancing a full-time job, home life, and community service. Jasmine has persevered, even when obstacles tried to hinder her journey. She credits her strong faith in God, abundant love for her sons and her passion for education, in realizing that she has value and is making a positive impact on others through her own experiences.

Jasmine Bozeman is passionate about serving her community with enthusiasm and purpose. Her efforts have been publicly recognized and awarded through Royal Neighbors of America, the YWCA and Lead(h)er. Jasmine’s commitment to adding value to those around her is apparent in her current and previous work through local and national non-profits.

Jasmine is available for speaking engagements that she customizes to the specific needs of her audience. Covering an array of topics, Jasmine’s speaking engagements include presentations, interactive workshops, or, one on one coaching.

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