The vision of this event is to educate, inspire and motivate women by giving you tools and action steps to create a healthy mind and healthy habits!

Presented by  

Lead by Certified Life Coach Rumaisa Khawaja.

We have all read the books. We post the motivational quotes. How do we put them into action?  Sometimes we need to hear those personal stories to remind ourselves that we are not alone. That we as women have taken on many roles and responsibilities. We are wives, we are mothers, we are aunts, grandmothers. We are students, we are entrepreneurs, and we are business owners. We are first generation US Citizens, we are domestic abuse survivors, we are women who are battling depression, or perhaps we are battling a disorder.

But most importantly, we are women who must have self compassion and self love for ourselves. Sometimes we ask ourselves - “How do we get there?”

And sometimes....we have this idea. This yearning. A desire. WE have a choice to either listen to that desire. When we listen to this desire, we learn, we grow, we engage with others. We all hear that we must eat right, raise our heart rate, and maintain healthy habits. Included in this is that we must learn to create a healthy mind with healthy thoughts!

Hosted by

Rumaisa Khawaja


Emceed by

Jasmine Bozeman


Keynote by

Bushra Amiwala


Guest Speaker

Aleeza Singh


Be a part of the conversations

from local inspiring women, who have gone from

“Someday to Day One.”

What to expect at this event!

A nourishing day filled with real conversations and authentic moments

Hear from inspiring panelists and motivational speakers

Be a part of shared experiences and beautiful moments

Mix and mingle with vendors from women owned businesses

Leave motivated with action steps addressing those dreams and goals you’ve been putting off

Feel inspired, meet new friends, and have some fun!

We want you there to join in on the conversation!

Live DJ with our friends at Prestige Productions

Attire: Comfy & Cute! It’s a Saturday and all...we want you to be comfortable!!

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