“My vision is to remain engaged and involved in a family’s collective life for many decades to come. I believe the best wealth planning and financial success comes through dedication and longevity in a working relationship with a knowledgeable, professional team.”

Meet Aleeza Singh

Aleeza started working at Merrill in 2007, right after she graduated from high school. Working to put herself through college at the University of Iowa she developed a multi-disciplinary approach to her career.

Over 12 years later, Aleeza has applied everything she’s learned and is responsible for coaching clients on identifying and actualizing their long-term strategic goals as well as acting as the family dynamics coordinator – often working with two or three generations of a family on optimizing their financial lives.

Aleeza works with each client to build a custom plan based on their personal hierarchy of priorities and desires as well as their unique financial circumstances. In addition to setting the strategy, Aleeza prides herself on being available on a daily basis to help clients with the tactical aspects needed to achieve their vision.

As well as the previously mentioned groups, Aleeza serves on the NextGen Leadership Council for the Firm, the Council for Technology Champions, and has a leadership role in multiple internal mentorship and network groups and committees.

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